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The courses offered in the study plans (these can differ based on in which academic year the respective studies were commenced) can be found in the Integrated Study Information System (InSIS) under the link Study plans in the Study information section, sorted into subject groups. Information about the particular courses including the final examinations (which are listed as extra-semestral courses) can be then found in the Public catalogue of courses section.

Only a pass of the final examination can be considered as proper completion of the programme.

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Master’s final examination

The final examination of our Master’s programmes consists of the following parts:

  • Final examination from the Programme studied (state exam),
  • Master’s thesis defence,
  • Final examination in the Minor.

Students are obliged to register for the final examinations through the InSIS. Each part of the exam is unambiguously identified through the use of a course code (ident) which can be found in the student’s study plan.

Final examination from the Programme studied (state exam)

Students who fulfil all requirements for the registration of the final examination (i.e. passed all the study obligations stipulated by their study plan) has to visit his/her study coordinator during the office hours. The student coordinator will check the fulfilment of all study obligations, closes the study in InSIS and confirms the registration note for the final examination. Student will then be allowed to register for the final examination from the course studied.

The registration for the examination is similar to the registration for extra-semestral courses, which are also marked by this course code (e.i. in the section My Study/Student’s portal/Extrasemestral Courses in the InSIS). The selection of the examination date is possible only after a successful registration. It is not possible to sit for an exam without a successful selection of a date.  This course has to be enrolled in the semester in which the student will sit the examination. It is necessary to submit the confirmed (from the student administrator) registration note at the final examination.

Intructions for final examination are available here.

The topic registration and the defence of the Master’s thesis

The registration of the Master’s thesis in InSIS is done by the supervisor in cooperation with the student and at least six months before the planned defence. After the completion of the Master’s thesis (in cooperation with the thesis supervisor) the student submits the thesis at first electronically into the database of qualification theses (only in .pdf format) in InSIS. The proper electronic submission has to be confirmed by the following notification: “Correct submission of the thesis confirmed – The electronic version of the thesis was submitted and the correct submission was confirmed. Hereby, the submission process is ended. The thesis cannot be modified anymore.”

The physical submission consists of one printed version (hardcover). It is necessary to submit the thesis together with a printed confirmation of a correct submission of the thesis into InSIS. The submission dates are listed in InSIS and Faculty webpages. Student submits the thesis by this date (at the latest) in the CEMS office RB525 (exception: Department of Managerial Psychology and Sociology – students who registered their thesis at this department submit their theses there and follow deadlines set by the department). The thesis defence can be separated from the final examination. Student can sit the final examination without being obliged to defend his/her thesis. Immediately after the defence the printed thesis is returned back to the student.

State exam in the Minor

The examination dates are listed in the InSIS. Students have to register for an extra-semestral course with a course code of the respective minor if there is more that one minor offered within the given Programme. The registration is possible only through InSIS.

State Exam in Study Field

Registrations for final state examination are available at InSIS. Topics can be then found in the InSIS Public catalogue of courses, code IG101. Students should note that topics may slightly differ. It is very important to always choose the right term – the one in which student wants to register for the exam.

Detailed instructions are available in Faculty general information (see link above). It is very important to visit study coordinator (Programme Manager) in order to confirm passing of all study requirements. Students always have to have printed confirmation of study obligation fulfilment issued by the Programme Manager.

Final state exams always take place in January/February, June and September.

Minor Field State Exam

Registration for the exam is also available at InSIS. Students can pass the exam after passing (not valid for students starting in AY 2017/18 and further):

  • 3IG703 – Business Project
  • 3PS665 – Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing
  • 3IG705 – Responsible Global Leadership
  • 3PS672 – Global Management Practice Course

Topics cover theoretical background of both courses that should be applied to the practical experience gained during Business Projects. While searching the topics in InSIS Public catalogue of courses (code IG101/2), always select the right term.


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