CEMS Alliance

CEMS – The Global Alliance in Management Education is a strategic alliance offering a comprehensive education in management and business. CEMS consists of 32 Academic Members (1 university for each country is allowed) and 70+ Corporate Partners (usually leading and multinational companies). Its mission is to inspire and develop future generations of international business leaders.

Today, CEMS is the global league of leaders on the pre-experience Master’s market and it cannot be equalled in terms of reputation of its members: Academic Members in cooperation with Corporate Partners offer international postgraduate students a unique blend of high-quality education and professional experience. CEMS is also very active in fostering faculty cooperation for joint teaching, research and doctoral education.

While the academic institutions provide the highest standards of teaching and research excellence, the CEMS Corporate Partners contribute to the practical business skills. This combination is key in allowing our students and alumni to achieve the highest level of success. CEMS MIM (M.Sc. in International Management), a prestigious supranational business degree awarded by the CEMS alliance, is acknowledged as the best passport to an international career.

Ranked as nr. 4 in the global Financial Times Ranking of Master programmes in Management average ranking for 2010-2015, CEMS MIM is the ultimate academic-corporate bridge programme.

More information is available at alliance webpage: www.cems.org.

Map of CEMS Academic Members