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There are currently 19,340 CEMS alumni by the end of the academic year 2022/2023. Additionally, there are approximately 1,300 new graduates per year from 30+ CEMS partner schools.

CEMS Alumni Platform is a tool aiming to bring all these alumni together. All you have to do as a CEMS graduate is to register and start exploring all the advantages offered by the platform.

The platform is also accessible via app:


And what can you actually be looking forward to?

    Find fellow CEMSies through the people search feature or an interactive map. You’ll find your fellow cohort but also make new connections whether it be through the CEMS Alumni Association (CAA), a local chapter (LC) or Global Group (GG).

    Are you in town? Or travelling? Need some tips on a new location/business or just in general? Use the Livefeed feature to check-in with CEMSies around the globe. Or better yet, feel free to share & exchange what’s new with you!

    From local to global events, you may find a wide variety directly on the CEMS Alumni Platform. Check out the events page often and stay in the loop!

    From webinars to virtual chats & discussions, the opportunities are endless. Keep your mind fit with CEMS alumni!

    Thinking about entrepreneurship? Seeking support and/or exposure of your current projects? Check out the Startups & Ventures section of the platform for all of your entrepreneurial needs!

    In need of a little advice for your current career path? Or perhaps want some feedback on your CV or cover letter? Check out the CEMS Global Advisory & Mentoring Platform today! You can either be an advisee, advisor or both. Take your pick!

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