Online Learning Agreement

1. Login

  • Log in to Student platform using the link which you have received in your email

2. Choose your receiving institution

  • Set up the dates of arrival and departure according to terms dates (CEMS Schools calendars can be found on
  • Click on “New learning agreement” button

3. Fill in personal details

  • Study cycle: Master or equivalent cycle (EQF 7)
  • Field of education: 0311 – Economics


4. Fill in details of the sending institution


 5. Receiving institution

  • Choose the receiving institution
  • Faculty/Department: Business Administration, CEMS
  • Contact person: Programme manager CEMS at receiving institution


6. Proposed mobility programme TABLE A

  • Choose the courses which you will be studying at your HOST university
  • CEMS students must pass in TERM 1/ Fall term: Block seminar, CEMS Skill seminar (BCSS), Global strategy
  • CEMS students must pass in TERM 2/ Spring term: Business project, Global Citizenship seminar, Global Leadership
  • Insert also link to the course catalogue from which you selected your courses


7. Proposed mobility programme TABLE B

  • Both parts of the study programme, i.e. tables A and B, must be filled in and the number of credits in both tables must correspond
  • CEMS mandatory exclusive courses MUST be stated under the VSE course name including its ident
    • Block seminar 3SG409
    • Global Leadership 3PS673
    • Global Citizenship Seminar 3IG705
    • Global strategy 3SG415
    • Marketing 3MG555
    • Business Project 3IG703
    • Microeconomics 3MI623
    • Entrepreneurship 3PO666
    • Corporate finance 3SG416
    • BCSS 3IG666
    • Language course 3IG706
  • Other courses, which are NOT CEMS mandatory, will be recognized as general/minor electives. Thus non-mandatory CESM courses filled in table A correspond with general/minor elective category in Table B.



  • Planned period of the mobility: corresponds with the university term (exact dates can be found at

ECTS value of some mandatory courses may vary at the sending and at the receiving institution. If so, please follow these rules:

  • Mandatory courses at VSE must be recognized with course ID evaluated with VSE ECTS
  • The difference between ECTS value at receiving and sending institutions will be recognized as a general/minor elective

8. Responsible persons

  • Responsible person at the Sending institution: Academic director Ing. Ladislav Tyll, MBA, Ph.D.;
  • Responsible person at the Receiving institution: Programme manager CEMS at the receiving institution


 9. Commitment

  • Sign and send to your Coordinator!