CEMS Alumni Yearbook


There are currently 625 alumni within the CEMS VSE network and we want to make sure you know as many of them as possible because that’s what CEMS is about, right? To know who to turn to when you’re closing a new business deal, to have a fellow CEMSie who opens doors to potential partnerships, to simply not walk alone along your career path but have mentors and friends who are always ready to help you. That is why we have decided to start the Yearbook project and we encourage you to join in and strengthen our network furthermore.

So tell us your story!



3 Steps How to Contribute

  1. Think of a story you would like to share.

  2. Fill in the form here with your contribution.

  3. Send your picture to zuzana.valentova@vse.cz. And you are done. Thank you!

Yearbook Stories

Down below you may find contributions of CEMS Alumni who have helped us to kick-start the Yearbook project. Read their stories and let yourself be inspired for sharing your own with us!