Study Abroad

A study stay abroad is an indispensable part of the International Management Programme. Students spend their semester at the partner university chosen according to their preference in the first year of their studies.

CEMS courses passed at the CEMS partner university are fully recognized in the curriculum. Students who depart in the winter term must take International Strategy and Business Communication Skill Seminar when abroad. Students who depart in the summer term must take Global Management Practice Course, Responsible Global Leadership Skill Seminar and Business Project when abroad.

All students will be nominated to a partner institution by the Programme Manager. Then application follows, this part is up to a student who is fully responsible for following the instructions of our partner institutions and checking their website for application deadlines. Links to a relevant webpage are to be found here:

As for VSE point of view, before you leave, you are supposed to provide us with a Letter of Acceptance (a document sent by the partner university confirming your admission) and Learning Agreement (agreement between VSE, you and partner institution on courses/study plan) – sample document can be downloaded here.

Letters of Acceptance are sometimes sent to VSE directly, if it happens, we will let you know via e-mail or via Checklist application in InSIS (there should be a reminding e-mail sent automatically to your InSIS e-mail account).

If you are supposed to study within Europe, you should give these documents to a competent VSE International Office Coordinator (for details please check and get in touch with a proper person – you will also have to provide the office with additional documents related to Erasmus grants agenda). If you are going to study in other non-European countries (Russia or Overseas region), please CEMS Programme Manager.

The above mentioned CEMS courses will be automatically recognized (with no need for approval). For the recognition of other compulsory courses, the approval of the equivalent course supervisor at VŠE is needed. Elective courses will be recognized en block in the number acquired (European) credits.

After returning, students are obliged to apply for recognition of the passed courses based on Transcript of Records from the partner university and Application for transfer of credits. All credits will be recognized (according to ECTS), their distribution between mandatory and elective courses may differ.

E.g.: If a student at a partner university passes International Strategy course for 5 ECTS and 3 elective courses for 15 ECTS in total, VŠE will recognize a mandatory course 3SG415 – International Strategy for 6 ECTS and elective courses en block for 14 ECTS.