Study Abroad

A study stay abroad is an indispensable part of the International Management Programme in the first year of their studies, during which students spend their semester at the partner university of their choice and preference.

CEMS courses passed at the CEMS partner university are fully recognized in the curriculum. Students who spend their fall term at the host university must take International Strategy and Block Seminar. Students who spend their spring semester abroad must take Global Leadership, Global Citizenship Seminar and Business Project.

The stay abroad is funded through a scholarship. For detailed information see the respective website.

Steps to realize your stay

  1. State your university preference while applying to the CEMS programme.

  2. After receiving your nomination from the Programme Manager, fill in the application by a given deadline following the instructions of the hosting university.

  3. Provide us with a Letter of Acceptance (a document confirming your admission sent by the partner university).

  4. Fill in your Learning Agreement. In case your study abroad stay is realized within Europe, follow the instructions here. In the case of Overseas stay or Russia, a sample document can be downloaded here.

  5. In case your study abroad stay is in Europe, you will handle your stay abroad agenda with an International Office Coordinator. See the contacts here to get in touch with the relevant coordinator. In case of Russia or Overseas stay, the CEMS Programme Coordinator is your contact person.

  6. Kudos! All the pre-stay agenda is handled. Enjoy your stay. 😉

  7. After arriving back to Prague, fill in the Learning Agreement During Mobility. If there were changes made in your courses while abroad, please adjust the Learning Agreement correspondingly.

  8. Now you need to have all your courses passed abroad recognized. For this, you will need a Transcript of Records from the partner university and the Learning Agreement. Based on these documents, apply for the Recognition of semester abroad online.

2nd Exchange possible

CEMS students may go on another stay abroad. However, please be aware that the second stay does not fall under the International Management Programme curriculum, as it is organized by the Prague University of Economics and Business (VSE).

As a result, the students can only apply to VSE partner universities and will not be going on their study abroad as CEMS students but as VSE students.

For detailed information on the application schedule, please see the respective website.


Read before filling in the Recognition of semester abroad online: The course group codes used in the document are only indicative. Please, use the correct courses groups:

  • hP – A group of required courses in major field
  • hV – A group of elective courses in major field
  • sP – A group of required courses of minor specialization
  • sV – A group of elective courses of minor specialization

We highly recommend processing your Recognition of semester abroad as soon as possible so you are not inconvenienced while registering courses for the next semester.