Minor Specialization

Note: Students enrolled in academic years 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 follow their original study plan.

As of the Academic Year 2020/2021 students of MIM/CEMS programme have the option to choose from the two following minor specializations:

NextGen Consulting

The minor specialization NextGen Consulting focuses on the active search for opportunities for the successful development of existing companies. Its goal is to develop strategic and creative thinking as a key aspect of successful growth and performance of the company.

Businesses are today facing new challenges that are associated with complex problems, often without any connection to the past. In this minor specialization we will teach you how to deal with it, i.e.:

  • how to be more generalist and see what we call “big picture”,
  • how to solve problems from a multidisciplinary point of view and come up with ideas that are creative, or use, for example, analogies from other businesses,
  • how to connect corporate, social and ecological sustainability of businesses.

The minor specialization also pays due attention to family businesses, which are the most common type of organization in many economies, and where we can see the strategic importance of connecting family and business issues.

Key knowledge and skills in compulsory courses are further developed by a balanced combination of elective courses focused on critical thinking, analytical and communication skills.

Graduates could find jobs in consulting companies, in-house consulting departments, but also as managers and successors in family businesses.

NextGen Consulting (3CC) for students enrolled in AY 2023/24

NextGen Consulting (3CC) for students enrolled in AY 2022/23

Key elements of NextGen Consulting

Our corporate partners who actively participate in minor specialization courses are:

Involved in teaching are also Strategic board members of the Family Business Centre.

Corporate partner
Project “International growth of a propeller producer”

“Implementation of new digital strategy to maintain market growth”

“Online fashion search engine expansion to LATAM”

“Corporate expansion of the Malaysian  price aggregator” “International growth strategy for technology start-up with their employee engagement app” Designing a CSR strategy for commercial property company” “International growth strategy for a debt collecting app company” “Innovation Center Silo II Analysis and business development for real estate project”



    “Ethnographic research for
formulation of csr strategy”
Corporate partner
Project “Customer research on senior generation” “CX Design of financial products for Millenials
“CX Design for ecologic detergents” „From almost bankruptcy to a market leader“ case study “The story of ownership succession Leadership Succession “Growing through ESG (Sustainable Real Estate project)” “Business model Innovation in car dealership company”  “Analysis of the Czech aquaponics market and its profit potential”
  “Customer experience design for sandwich generation”



“Business development for green facades project”



Minor Specialization Consulting

Watch the video on minor specialization Consulting we have prepared in cooperation with our students and corporate partners participating in the lessons and case studies. (English subtitles available in settings.)



In minor specialization Marketing, you will learn how to answer the following key marketing questions, which are in the core of any business:

  • Do I understand my customers and the market?
  • Who are the most profitable customers?
  • Which unique value can I offer them?
  • How will I communicate this value?
  • How will I deliver the value?
  • How will I make a profit?
  • How will I innovate my business?

Marketing (3MC)

Key benefits of Marketing

Our corporate partners who actively participate in minor specialization courses are:

market vision



How to register for Minor Specialization
  1. Go to your Student’s portal in Insis
  2. Select Registration/Enrollment in VS
  3. Go to Course registration
  4. Choose either 3MC (Marketing) or 3CC (NextGen Consulting)
When to register for Minor Specialization

Students register for Minor Specialization themselves. Registration periods are given by the schedule of the Faculty of Business Administration, meaning that Minor Specializations can only be registered within the designated period to meet the registration deadline.

CEMS students choose their minor specialization during the FIRST CEMS year and can register anytime. However, if the registrations are closed for them in InSIS,  they need to get in touch with the Programme Manager, Martina Čížková, via e-mail request in order to register.

After registration for Minor Specialization, a student can choose from several minor specialization courses in InSIS.

According to the study plan, we recommend all students to register for all minor specialization courses after their first year of study, in the 3rd term.


Minor Field Comprehensive Exam

Minor Field Comprehensive Exam is an exam that can be taken after successful completion of all MS courses (mandatory + elective courses, in total 30 ECTS).

Minor Field Comprehensive Exams are offered at the end of every semester (January and June). Students have to register for the exam via Insis (ID code is 3MCVS – Marketing OR 3CCVS – NextGen Consulting). The exact date of the exam is usually known in November/ April. Students can check the dates in the schedule of the term or in Insis.

Minor Field Comprehensive Exam is credited with 3 ECTS.