Electronic Confirmation of Study

As of Friday, March 13, students can generate an electronic confirmation of study (PDF file) in InSIS, which will be digitally signed automatically. This digital signature verifies the validity of the document, the file should be accepted by all authorities and companies as well as the standard paper confirmation with a stamp.

The procedure is simple: In Student’s Portal go to the Confirmation of Study application and click on the new Electronic Confirmation of Study button. The confirmation of study is generated and forwarded to background digital signing. Within an hour, the digitally signed file will be available for download in your Document server.

An electronic confirmation of study is issued for the current semester. Confirmation can be in Czech or English – the language depends on whether you have set up Czech or English language environment in InSIS.

The authenticity of the signature can be verified in standalone PDF viewing applications such as Acrobat Reader. The digital signature cannot be validated when viewing the file in a web browser.

In case you need a confirmation of study in a paper form, you can get a PDF file on a USB flash drive to the CzechPoint contact point (post office, most municipalities), and here for a modest fee to print an officially certified copy.