Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, students can interrupt their studies after they finish their first academic year, the so-called CEMS Year. In other words, interruption of studies is not possible during the first year of study.

According to VSE study rules, article 7, Master students can interrupt their studies for up to 4 semesters. Please note that students lose their student status along with all its advantages during the interruption period; no tuition fee is paid during the interruption. In the case of visa students, this affects their purpose of staying in the Czech Republic – it also becomes interrupted, and accordingly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be notified.

The request for interruption of studies needs to be sent via the InSIS – contact centre.

Students are eligible to take their Minor Field Comprehensive Exam when all credits of Minor Field specialization are completed according to the Study plan. In other words, course groups Minor mandatory (sP, sV1) and Minor elective (sV) must be fulfilled.

The final State Exam can be taken when all credits, with the exception of the State exam and Diploma Thesis defence, are completed according to the study plan. The course groups hP, hV, sP, sV1, sV, fJP and sSZ must be fulfilled.

The State Exams, Minor Field Comprehensive Exam, and Diploma Thesis Defence courses MUST be registered at the beginning of the semester in which you want to pass the exam/defence.

  • The student registration indicates how many spots will be available in the respective semester.

Registration for state exams runs in two rounds – in the first round, registration for extra semester course State exams is done via the INSIS-Student portal – extra semester courses.

The second is the selection of the exact exam date.

> > > For a detailed guide, please go HERE.

Initially, the students need to think about and settle on the Diploma Thesis topic they want to pursue. In line with the topic or field of DT of their choice, the students then have to find and approach their DT supervisor within the Faculty of Business Administration.

  • The Supervisor registers the Diploma Thesis topic in INSIS at least 6 months before the DT defence!

>>> Thus, your DT must be registered in INSIS in December if you want to have your defence in June.
>>> If you want to do your defence in January/February, your DT must be registered in INSIS in June.

The Supervisors should be approached even earlier – i.e. well in advance – about 9 months before you plan for the defence of your DT.

  • After registration of their DT, students cooperate with their supervisors, who check the writing process regularly based on agreement.
  • The Supervisor selects the DT Opponent. The student can suggest an opponent from within the company if the DT is written with a company.

> > > More information about DT can be found HERE.

  • Yes, this is possible.

Make sure that the company shares all the information and data necessary for your research. In case of need, publishing of the DT can be postponed up to 3 years. (DT is typically published right after defence) WHY?

VSE Study and Examination rules (article 15 + 16) state that the Final state examination and Minor Specialization comprehensive exam may be repeated only twice.

  • Taking the exam again is possible not sooner than 1 month after the unsuccessful examination.

Diploma Thesis defence registration is done via InSIS, just like registration of the State Exam.
The guide is available HERE.

The Diploma Thesis is submitted via InSIS only (with no hard copy requirement), with the submission dates getting announced at the beginning of every semester.

  • Usually, there are three submission dates within the Academic Year: mid-December, May and late August.
  • When the DT is submitted, the Supervisor and opponent upload their reviews into InSIS – 3 days before the planned defence at the latest.
  • The students prepare a short presentation about their DT, including answers and comments on the supervisor’s and opponent’s reviews. (Having a simple DT print for the defence exam is also helpful, as it helps the committee navigate the Thesis more easily.)

The defence occurs even if the expert opinions contain the “failed” assessment.

  • Retaking the defence of the final Thesis is possible not sooner than 3 months from the date of the unsuccessful examination.

The Examination Board may recommend the manner, extent and form of the revised final Thesis.

Congratulations! You are now a new CEMS VSE alumni 😊 

After successful graduation, you are invited to the VSE Graduation ceremony, organized by the Faculty of Business Administration, and usually takes place in March, June and September.

  • The VSE Graduation ceremony is not mandatory, but it is a nice ceremonial ending to your studies with your schoolmates and family. If you cannot join the ceremony, the VSE diploma can be picked up in the Programme manager’s office approximately one month after your study finishes. More information can be found HERE.

Also, after completing VSE studies and all CEMS requirements, you will graduate from CEMS. The CEMS Graduation ceremony is held every year in November/December, and in order to be eligible to join, all CEMS duties must be finished by September.

>>> More information is available HERE.

The VSE diploma is ready approximately one month after your study ends and can be picked up at the Programme manager’s office.

  • The graduates can pick up their VSE diploma anytime during consulting hours or after previous agreement.
  • If graduates cannot come in person, they can order for a courier service from a delivery company. The courier fees will be at their cost, and the diploma will have to be signed for. (By ordering a courier, you express consent to the diploma being collected by the courier.)
  • An entirely different situation is with diplomas picked up by individuals (family members or friends). In this case, the person eligible to pick up the diploma must have an authorized power of attorney in the original. The power of attorney must be filled, signed, and authorized by a notary. The diploma will then be issued against the power of attorney.

CEMS Diplomas can be picked up in the VSE CEMS Programme manager’s office after completing your CEMS requirements.

  • CEMS Diplomas are sent by the CEMS Global Office approximately in January every year.

Without delay, contact the teacher of the class which you cannot attend. If you have a doctor’s note, provide it to the teacher. The teacher can excuse you from the class and assign you some homework, etc.