List of Courses

Winter Term 2018/2019 – September 17, 2018 – December 14, 2018

Code Course Mode of completion Credits
3SG409 Block Seminar Exam ECTS 3 crd.
3MG633 B2B Marketing Exam ECTS 3 crd.
3SG456 Corporate Sustainability Exam ECTS 4 crd.
2AJ153 Intensive Czech for Foreigners Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3SG556 Design Thinking and anthropology in strategy Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3LG627 Transport Exam ECTS 6 crd.
1BP426 Financial Derivatives I Exam ECTS 3 crd.
1BP451 Financial Derivatives II Exam ECTS 4 crd.
2MO444 China’s Financial System Exam ECTS 3 crd.
1VF461 Fiscal Policy Exam ECTS 3 crd.
3LG623 Global Supply Chain Management Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3PE665 Valuation and Financing of Investment Projects Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3PE666 Evaluation of Investment Projects in Non-Profit Sector Exam ECTS 6 crd.
4SA615 Information Management Exam ECTS 6 crd.
4IT525 Information Modelling of Organizations Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3PS624 Cross-Cultural Communication and Management Exam ECTS 3 crd.
3LG622 International Logistics Exam ECTS 4 crd.
1BP452 Credit Risk Management and Modeling Exam ECTS 3 crd.
3SG417 Critical Thinking in Business Futurology Exam ECTS 3 crd.
3AM595 Management and marketing of cultural tourism Exam ECTS 3 crd.
IP_362 Information Risk Management Exam ECTS 3 crd.
IP_349 Communication Management in the Public Sector Exam ECTS 3 crd.
IP_342 Consumer Experience Management Exam ECTS 3 crd.
3MA624 Knowledge Management Exam ECTS 3 crd.
3MA712 Advanced Management Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3PS663 Psychology of Management Exam ECTS 7 crd.
3MA714 Managerial Decision-Making and Problem Solving Exam ECTS 3 crd.
2MO440 Luxury Marketing Exam ECTS 3 crd.
1BP425 International Financial Markets Exam ECTS 3 crd.
2MO434 International Brand Communication Strategy Exam ECTS 3 crd.
3MA671 International Management in Global Culture Exam ECTS 3 crd.
2MO448 International Marketing CEMS – in English Exam ECTS 6 crd.
2MO403 International marketing communications Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3SG415 International Strategy Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3AM601 International Art Market Exam ECTS 3 crd.
3AM492 Multicultural Europe Exam ECTS 3 crd.
3LG626 Purchasing Exam ECTS 4 crd.
3LG625 Maritime and Multimodal Transporation Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3PS670 New Trends in Leadership and Management Exam ECTS 4 crd.
1FP421 Business Valuation (in English) Exam ECTS 3 crd.
3MA666 Organizational Design Exam ECTS 7 crd.
4ME218 Computer Graphics Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3MA640 Business Ethics Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3SG416 Corporate Finance Exam ECTS 6 crd.
IP_358 Business Strategies Exam ECTS 3 crd.
4ST650 Advanced Statistical Methods Exam ECTS 3 crd.
4ST625 Probabilistic and statistical methods in non-life insurance Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3MA533 Project Management Simulation Exam ECTS 4 crd.
3MA621 Project Management Exam ECTS 4 crd.
4ST616 Regression Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3PA661 People Management in Multicultural Environment Exam ECTS 4 crd.
4IT528 Management of Enterprise IT Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3IG666 Management and Business Communication Skills Seminar Exam ECTS 1 crd.
3MG640 Shopper Marketing (in English) Exam ECTS 3 crd.
3PS625 Sociology of Virtual Organization Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3MG639 Strategic Marketing in Simulations Exam ECTS 4 crd.
4EK602 Games and Decisions Exam ECTS 3 crd.
4ST630 Probability and Mathematical Statistics 2 Exam ECTS 6 crd.
1FU491 Financial reporting under IFRS and US GAAP – Comparison and Case Studies (in English) Exam ECTS 3 crd.
4ST608 Introduction to Financial and Insurance Mathematics Exam ECTS 6 crd.
3MA669 Organisation Life Cycle Impact on Company’s Management Exam ECTS 4 crd.
4MM451 Computational Methods and Data Analysis Exam ECTS 6 crd.
4SA220 Web 2.0 & Social Network Services Exam ECTS 4 crd.
1VF462 Taxation of International Employment Exam ECTS 3 crd.