Block Seminar

Block Seminar is an intensive one-week seminar that forms a compulsory part of CEMS MIM curriculum. Block seminars are organized by all CEMS partner schools before the first (= winter) term. Students usually take part in the Block seminar at the university where they are going to spend their winter term. Registration for VSE Block seminar goes via Insis, however, the place is granted automatically for all first-year students.

In case students are interested in Block seminars in a different location, they have the possibility to register for a different Block seminar and ask for a transfer. Students also have to register if their first term school offers more than one Block seminar (e.g. ESADE, RSM or WU). All topics are available at during May. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this academic year 2020/2021, by default, all students will attend the Block Seminar in their home schools. Exceptionally, and with the approval of the home school Academic Directors, students may request a transfer to an online seminar.

All students will get an information e-mail with registration details and further recommendations before the registration starts (usually during May).

Most schools require a financial contribution for the seminar, which covers food, course material, etc. The fee at VŠE is 250 EUR or 6 500 CZK/1 student (bank transfer costs are covered by sender).

Past Block Seminars at VŠE.