Graduate Profile

Surveys, rankings and feedbacks confirm that recent graduates are highly sought after by international companies. Alumni hold senior corporate management positions across all major activity sectors.

CEMS Alumni Questionnaire Report

CEMS VŠE office would like to share with you the CEMS Alumni Questionnaire Report based on the results which 134 out of 577 CEMS VŠE Alumni entered in October/November 2018.

The main goal of the questionnaire was to map the career path of CEMS VŠE alumni after their graduation, to showcase the value of CEMS towards all CEMS VŠE stakeholders, but also towards other alumni at the Faculty of Business Administration, Prague University of Economics and Business.

Let us add a comment to question 10. What course/service did you miss during your CEMS studies? Data Science, CSR, Marketing, Consulting were mentioned very often. We are constantly trying to develop the CEMS programme at our university. Every two years we organize so-called Round Table Workshop, where students, alumni, corporate partners, and academics suggest what courses/activities should be implemented. Based on the last Round Table Workshops in 2017 and 2015 we implemented these courses:

  • CSR in Practice – from September 2016
  • Advanced Excel – from September 2018
  • Statistics – from September 2018
  • New minor specializations: Marketing or NextGen Consulting – from September 2018

We are glad that the answers correspond to the outputs with the above-mentioned workshops. The next Round Table will be held in Spring 2020.

CEMS VŠE Office would like to thank all alumni who devoted their time to answer the questionnaire.

CEMS Alumni Questionnaire Report 2018 [pdf]


CEMS 2019 Graduate Profile:

  • 96% are employed or continuing their studies
  • 92% have worked outside of their home country
  • 75% work for multinational companies
Main sectors of activity: Main functional areas:
Consulting: 31% Consulting/Analyst: 46%
Technology: 16% Business/Market Development 11%
Financial Services: 16% Marcom/External Relations/Advertising 7%
Consumer Goods: 10% Finance/Investor Relations: 7%
Healthcare: 4% Sales: 6%
Energy 3%

note: Statistics are based on the Recent Graduate Survey conducted in September 2019.


CEMS Alumni Profile:

  • 97% are employed or continuing their studies
  • 48% are currently working outside of their home country
  • 82% have worked abroad and on average for 5 years outside their home country in 2-3 different countries*
  • 47% have worked for a CEMS Corporate Partner
  • 98% would recommend the CEMS experience to others
Main sectors of activity: Main functional areas:
Consulting: 21% Consulting: 23%
Financial: 14% Marketing/Communications/Advertising: 13%
Consumer Goods: 14% General Management: 13%
Technology: 13% Finance: 10%
Pharma/Healthcare: 5% Sales: 9%

note: Statistics are based on the Student and Alumni Survey conducted in 2018.

*This statistic is from the Universum Survey conducted in 2016.