Looking Back: Block Seminar 2022 with Hilti

As part of the students’ compulsory CEMS MIM curriculum, this year’s Block Seminar’s topic “Way to sustainability – define the strategy for our future car fleet” was prepared in cooperation with CEMS Corporate Partner, Hilti, for a group of 33 students of 15 nationalities coming from 10 CEMS partner universities.

The whole seminar has been supervised by Ladislav Tyll, MBA, PhD, CEMS Academic Director, Ivan Balogh, Assistant Professor at the Department of Strategy at the University of Economics and Business, Prague, Raul Garcia-Rodrigues, Risk Advisory Directory from Deloitte, Karel Kotoun, Strategy & Consulting Lead with Accenture, and for Hilti they were Jan Radil, General Manager and Head of Eastern Europe, Santiago Angrehs, CFO for Sub-Region Eastern Europe, Judita Bihellerová, HR Director, Ivana Botošová, HR Manager, Juraj Magál, Project Manager, Mario Denemark, Area Sales Manager, and Jan Verner, Head of Solution Selling.

Programme expectations

The rich programme required the students to understand the corporate CO2 emission calculation methodology, evaluate the project’s actual impact on the environment, calculate the overall cost benefits analysis of e-vehicles, classify the impact of different stakeholder groups on the company, pursue a stakeholder analysis including stakeholder’s management, analyze the existing situation and suggest a new perspective solution and identify risks and potential weaknesses of this solution.

On the very first day of the Block Seminar, a visit to Hilti’s office outside of Prague was scheduled as an introduction to the company values and insights and problem definition to deepen the students‘ knowledge to get the best project outputs and feasibility.

From then on, the students attended lectures and get-togethers to work on the project in teams to get ready for the presentation day.

Final presentations and winner announcement

On the last day of the seminar, 6 student teams turned their week-long efforts into final presentations that they delivered before a jury made of Hilti and VŠE representatives, who then announced the winners after their deliberations. This time, the jury decided that two teams deserved to emerge as winning – teams 2 and 4, whose members were Miriam Kastner, Niels Hörber, Lina Trujillo, Noémi Lehoczky, Pavle Stamenic and Jan Budinský for Team #4, and Alban Gagnaux, Perrine Fitoussi, Julia Roedel, Nils Breuer, Jane Freiha and Mathieu Bonnet for Team #2.

The Block Seminar was wrapped up by a sit-down dinner in Hotel Grandium, where the winning teams were awarded.

VŠE representatives would hereby like to extend their gratitude to Hilti and all stakeholders for their contribution to this successful seminar.

In case of your interest, see the photo gallery.

Information about the past Block Seminars can be found on this website.

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Looking Back: Block Seminar 2022 with Hilti