No Classes during Dean’s Day and Easter /April 6-10, 2023/

Dear students,

on Thursday, April 6, Dean’s Day takes place, which means there are no classes and all the office hours are cancelled on this day.

Also, from Good Friday, April 7, to Easter Monday, April 10, it is the Easter holiday.

? Did you know ? 

  • Even though Czechia is the 2nd most atheist country in Europe, the Czechs love to observe this Christian holiday, throwing in many unusual and weird customs. Religious aspect aside, Czech Easter is thus a spring holiday still bound by a lot of traditions – you can forget cute Easter bunnies and painted egg hunts, though. There is more to the Czech Easter than meets the eye – from braiding willow branches into whips called “pomlázka or hodovačka“, decorating them with ribbons to chasing the girls and lightly whipping them for luck and fertility. There are other treats involved than just chocolate… we are talking plum brandy or money. And as for food, there are many traditional Czech Easter meals, usually revolving around lamb, eggs, and spring. The classics include lamb of any kind, egg salads (that people feed on for days after Easter), and stuffing with nettles or wild garlic. Also, loads of baking is involved – sweet bread in the form of lamb (beránek), or the classic “mazanec”, which is a challah-like sweet bread with raisins, almonds and lots of butter. The best way to experience Czech Easter is to just enjoy it with some of the locals or go with the flow…

Enjoy your days off during this holiday time, and see you back in classes on Tuesday, April 11!

No Classes during Dean’s Day and Easter /April 6-10, 2023/