NEW WORK FESTIVAL 2020 with Beiersdorf

NEW WORK FESTIVAL is a three-day annual event full of inspiring webinars and events to promote cultural change, create awareness of New Work, and encourage the necessary mindset for agile working methods. Usually, it’s an internal event taking place on-site, however this year we decided to invite external guests, especially our future potential candidates so that they can experience how Beiersdorf is already living NEW WORK.

  • WHEN? November 10. – 12. 2020
  • WHERE? Virtually via TEAMS / partly streamed via Linkedin live
  • WHO? A grassroots initiative of 23 cross-functional New Work Enthusiasts is organizing the Festival and has invited over 20 internal and 15 external speakers to join the virtual event.

You can find more details about the NEW WORK FESTIVAL and also about each session here or via LinkedIn.