Marianna Sargsyan – First CEMS VSE Student to Attend Cornell

Marianna Sargsyan is a CEMS VSE first-year student from Armenia who is currently wrapping up her study stay abroad at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. As Cornell has joined the CEMS Alliance only recently, she is also the very first CEMS VSE student to spend her semester abroad at this Ivey-league university. 

Last month, Marianna was approached by her alma mater located in Yerevan – American University of Armenia, to give an interview on her study experience from Prague and the USA. Down below, you can read an excerpt from the interview on why she has decided to study in Prague and what she values about CEMS.


What led you to Prague University of Economics and Business and Cornell University?

After my graduation from AUA, I took a break from my studies to gain some practical experience and explore business from a real-life perspective, though I never gave up on my goal of pursuing a master’s degree. I specifically wanted to do graduate studies abroad to have international exposure and broaden my horizons. That’s why and how Prague University of Economics and Business (VSE) came to be my choice for graduate school. I was pleased to learn that while it is the leading university in the fields of business and economics in the Czech Republic, VSE also offered a master’s degree where the language of instruction is English. In particular, the CEMS Master in International Management program interested me the most, not only because of its high ranking but also because it offered the global experience I was looking for. Regardless of the benefits VSE offered, I would have fallen in love with Prague for its beauty. VSE Prague and the program itself opened the doors to Cornell University, which had long been a dream. Cornell only recently joined the CEMS Alliance (the Global Alliance in Management Education), which means that I have the honor of being the first student from the CEMS program at VSE Prague to study at Cornell. I guess the best things happen unexpectedly!


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Marianna Sargsyan - First CEMS VSE Student to Attend Cornell