Interview: Academic Director Ladislav Tyll on Sustainability and CSR for “E15 & BYZNYS”

How are Czech companies doing in terms of sustainability and CSR? Is there room for improvement, and where? Where did the idea of ESG Rating come from, and how can it help companies if they pass such an assessment?

On the occasion of the second edition of ESG Rating prepared for the Association of Social Responsibility by the CEMS programme, its Academic Director, Ladislav Tyll, and Founder and Executive Director of the association, Lucie Mádlová, answered questions about the rating and ESG in an interview for Klára Sudková of the daily e15.

The aim of the ranking is not to praise organisations that claim to be absolutely green and socially responsible. In particular, we want to reward those companies that are aware of their environmental impact and that communicate their social values honestly and transparently,” says Tyll.

In addition to a shift of companies from pure philanthropy to more comprehensive sustainable strategies, there has also been a change in customer behaviour. They no longer want to pay extra for sustainable products because they see it as a natural part of every product or service, maybe even a certain obligation on the part of the companies,” notes Mádlová.

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What does the acronym ESG stand for?

E = “Environment”
The impact of the activities of companies and people on the planet, biodiversity.
S = “Social”
Firstly, in terms of the relationship between the company and its employees: What benefits do employees enjoy and receive? Does the employer exploit them? Can they work remotely? What is the company’s treatment of parents on parental leave? But also how we as citizens treat our environment. Are we, for example, members of some association or a charitable society? Do we contribute to any non-profit activities?
G = “Governance”
Simply put – what the structure of a company looks like. For instance, how many women are represented in the company’s management. How the company treats its suppliers and distributors. How it is interested in and cares about customer feedback.

Interview: Academic Director Ladislav Tyll on Sustainability and CSR for “E15 & BYZNYS”