How Does the CEMS VSE Manage Classes during Coronavirus Crisis?

We offer preparatory courses for the more difficult courses (such as Microeconomy) so our students do not have to worry about not passing the course or not having enough entrance-level knowledge.

Within the whole CEMS Alliance a new possibility of Global Electives is now offered to all the CEMS students. That means you can choose an online course from any university from the Alliance and therefore enrich your CEMS experience furthermore (above the curriculum at your home university – VSE, and host university – university of your choice for your compulsory stay abroad).

We make sure we offer an individual approach to our students which means there are more lecturers in a class then is a minimum requirement at our university. Eg. in the Growth Strategy course there are 6 lecturers for 50 students which ensures unique possibilities of mentoring and coaching and thus we try to have the course highly personalised.

As there are usually 4-5 students per project with a corporate partner the current situation does not limit us in this matter. There were still face-to-face meetings of the students’ teams and corporate partners’ representatives and lecturers last semester. The projects are an essential part of the CEMS core courses (eg. International Strategy, Growth Strategy, Business Project, etc.)

As you know CEMS requires spending one semester abroad at one of our CEMS partner university. If it is not possible under current circumstances, CEMS at VSE offers extra term abroad in your second year of study at VSE partner universities. Thus, we do our best in order to provide students with their international experience.

Last but not least, CEMS is a lot about the network and social life and interactions among students. Even during these difficult times, the CEMS Club Prague was highly active and organized almost every week an event where many of them were F2F where it was at least bit possible under applied restrictions.

How does the CEMS VSE manage classes during coronavirus crisis?