Global Leadership CEMS Faculty Group Meeting at VSE

During May 26-27, 2022, CEMS Faculty meeting Global Leadership took place at the Prague University of Economics and Business (VSE). The aim of the meeting was to exchange experience among lecturers of the Global Leadership CEMS course along with integrating best-practise and unifying the course contents.

The meeting started with a welcome by Ladislav Tyll, the CEMS Academic Director at VSE and Daniela Pauknerova, Faculty member and Co-chair Global Leadership faculty group at VSE in Prague. After three years it was again possible to meet in person, which was rewarding and helpful in exchanging practices and innovations. However, the meeting was held in a hybrid mode to allow the participation of all the group members.

The other participants of the meeting were Jacek Mironski (SGH, Poland), Jaap Boonstra (Esade, Spain – Co-chair), Marie-Therese Claes (WU, Austria), Rebecca Piekkari (Aalto,Finland), Zoltan Buzády (Corvenius, Hungary), Bettina Gehrke (Bocconi, Italy – Online), Ina Aust-Gronarz (UCL, Belgium – Online), and Melody Chao (UST – Hong Kong – Online).

The beginning of the meeting oriented on the history of the CEMS Alliance and the Global Leadership faculty group. This was mainly to grasp and maintain the logical development of the course structure. The discussion then moved towards the exchange of experience, sharing materials, or even new methods of students’ evaluation.

The faculty group also took the initiative to make a revisited and actual edition of the “Global Leadership Practice” book, originally published in 2014, with the editorship of Daniela Pauknerova, Ina Aust-Gronarz, Roger Bell and with the support of Marie-Thérèse Claes and Bettina Gerhke. The book will be then used in CEMS Global Leadership course to align the contents across the alliance as well as to consolidate all the best-practices examples.

As VSE representatives, we are happy we could welcome the group members to the premises of the university. We believe the meeting was fruitful and all the participants enjoyed not only the official part but also the informal get-together accompanied by classical music.

Global Leadership CEMS Faculty Group Meeting at VSE