CEMS: Empowering Future Entrepreneurs to Operate In the Best Market For Startups

In the fast-evolving global startup culture and ecosystem, knowing what countries produce the most successful startups and which are difficult to launch in is a great asset for entrepreneurs. The Global Startup Index by Business Generator takes into account the challenges or distinct advantages and, based on the economic and social metrics, reveals the best countries to launch a startup in 2023 – and the Czech Republic emerged victorious! In no way are we surprised… because our philosophy is to give our students a considerable head start to succeed.

Entrepreneurship-driven practical approach to studies at FBA

From courses focused on entrepreneurship, thru lectures delivered by successful startup owners (often from the ranks of our own alumni), to Advisory services for entrepreneurs offered to students for free or xPORT VŠE, a Business Accelerator helping innovative ideas and startups succeed, FBA places great emphasis on a curriculum that supports entrepreneurial independence in students and leans heavily on the practical, real-life aspects of running a business.


Equipped for the entrepreneurial environment from courses like Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing, Marketing Communication and Sales for Start-ups, Social Entrepreneurship: Innovation and Impact or Opportunity Recognition and Business Model Development, CEMS students often possess the competitive edge necessary for the startup environment and are a true testament to our mission of bringing up future leaders and young professionals ready to succeed.

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