CEMS Graduate Barbora Havelkova Awarded in the Atlas Copco Services 2019 Award

CEMS graduate Barbora Havelkova one more time celebrates success with her diploma thesis on “How the specifics of blockchain start-ups and their funding influence their lifecycle”. In June 2019 her thesis was awarded within the ESOP (excellent students’ research work) contest at the Faculty of Business Administration. Now, it qualified as one of the winners in the Atlas Copco Services 2019 Award, which recognizes excellent economic diploma theses from all the Czech universities.

In her thesis, Barbora researched the post-ICO performance of the projects that get funded through a token sale and specifics of such funding. Findings of her work can serve as a guide for entrepreneurs that consider blockchain-enabled funding to raise funds for their projects.

She will collect her prize at the awarding ceremony at the premises of the Atlas Copco Services company in Brno on November 7, 2019.