CEMS Global Online Elective Course Offering 2021 (Register from May 23 to 29)

Dear CEMS Students of Academic Year 2022 /2023,

Together with the CEMS Academic Committee, we are delighted to inform you that CEMS Global Online Elective Course Offering is available for AY 2022/2023 Term 1 (EXCLUSIVELY).
This online elective course offering is based on the successful pilot project held in Class Years 2020/21 and 2021/22 and is aimed at providing students access to courses across the Alliance to expand to their CEMS experience.

Students from AY 2022 /2023 who are already selected to the CEMS MIM programme and who have at least one term abroad destination assigned, and who have regulated the CEMS Student Handling Fee by May 19th are eligible to participate in one course from the online elective course offering in Term 1. This is an optional choice; therefore, each student can decide on participation.

The online elective course is a regular elective course which has the same workload and the participation requirements as other elective courses. Thus, it will count for the CEMS course credits, however, whether this course will count for the home degree master programme is subject to local rules. The grade and ECTS obtained for the course will appear on the CEMS transcript and certificate.

Application for Global Online Elective Courses will take place with one round. The application opens on May 23rd and closes on May 29th at 23:59 CEST. After the indicated deadlines, no applications will be accepted.
You will receive a personalized link to a Qualtrics survey on May 23rd. After the application closed, course placements will be randomly allocated to students. Please note that as the slot allocation process is random, you might be allocated no slot! The assigned course will be registered into your Student Portal and a notification will be shared via email on June 8th.

You will find the Guidelines for Student and Course Booklet which describes more details about the registration and lists the Global Online Elective courses offered by CEMS schools in alphabetical order. Many courses already indicated their exact timetable which will help you in planning. We recommend that you don’t choose courses with more than 6 hours of time difference from your Term 1 school, as we have seen in the past rounds that most drop-outs happened due to the huge time differences and inconvenient timetables.

If you do not receive a survey link on May 24th, check your spam folder and if you do not find a link there, contact globalelectives@cems.org.