CEMS Global Alumni Week 2023

To all the alumni out there,

This year’s CEMS Global Alumni Week will be held March 28 –  31, 2023, globally (in-person and virtually); in addition there are a variety of kick-off and closing events prior and after the event, which will provide the CEMS Community plenty of opportunities to interact with CEMS Alumni. This year, we will be addressing the theme of “impact & purpose“.

About the event
The CEMS Global Alumni Week (GAW) is a globally organized week of activities that involve all CEMS stakeholders: Alumni, Students, CEMS Member Schools, and Corporate/Social Partners; with a special focus on engaging alumni and students with the CEMS community.

The objective of the GAW is to encourage professional network building & exchange, strengthen the interaction among students and alumni, and enhance the engagement and visibility of CEMS alumni. This year, it will include virtual and physical events worldwide.

What to expect during GAW:

  • Discussions with our CEMS Alumni of the Year winners
  • Alumni at Corporate Partner Days /presentations, virtual networking & social events/
  • In-person events /socials & meet-ups, networking apéros, alumni panels, etc./

Registrations now open
For more info on the events and the option to register, make sure to come back to the following page and check the upcoming events.


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CEMS Global Alumni Week 2023