Academic Director Ladislav Tyll on ESG in Podcast Mezi dvěma světy /in CZ/

ESG. The three ubiquitous letters that we now see and hear pelting us from all directions.

But little is explained anymore about what they mean and why it is now so much talked about and penetrates our lives. Is it only about planting trees to cancel your carbon footprint offset, sending money to help poor countries or, put bluntly, a PR activity? In Jonáš Čumrik‘s podcast Mezi dvěma světy, Academic Director Ladislav Tyll, who developed a unique ESG Rating together with his FBA colleagues Natalie Badie and Ivan Balogh for the Association of Social Responsibility, delves not only into what the acronym stands for but also into things like how GenZ approaches the topic of sustainability.

So what does the acronym ESG stand for?

E = “Environment”
The impact of the activities of companies and people on the planet, biodiversity.
S = “Social”
Firstly, in terms of the relationship between the company and its employees: What benefits do employees enjoy and receive? Does the employer exploit them? Can they work remotely? What is the company’s treatment of parents on parental leave? But also how we as citizens treat our environment. Are we, for example, members of some association or a charitable society? Do we contribute to any non-profit activities?
G = “Governance”
Simply put – what the structure of a company looks like. For instance, how many women are represented in the company’s management. How the company treats its suppliers and distributors. How it is interested in and cares about customer feedback.

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Academic Director Ladislav Tyll on ESG in Podcast Mezi dvěma světy /in CZ/