35 Years of CEMS. Join Us to Celebrate.

This year the CEMS Alliance celebrates its 35th! With a global approach to management education, our community reaching across the whole world is now more relevant than ever! Join us to celebrate 35 years of CEMS!

A Year of CEMSational Celebrations

CEMS was founded in 1988 with four Academic Partners and a handful of Corporate Partners. Since then, this management education alliance has grown from strength to strength becoming a world-leading global community.

Join us to celebrate our CEMS Success Stories, focusing on all the members of our alliance and our shared values! In this space, we share stories about the CEMS Spirit, and we invite you to discover the people and places that make CEMS the CEMS we know today.

To celebrate this milestone, 12 themes over 12 months have been chosen (each chosen as a keyword that collectively contributes to the world of CEMS) and every month, new stories related to one theme get published on a dedicated website. Discover the CEMS 35th website through the button below and the first themes as they are gradually released on a monthly basis.
(The themes, as listed below, will be highlighted in bold once they are on air.)


12 CEMS Celebratory Themes
  • Community – CEMS is first and foremost a community.
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  • Evolution – Times, technologies, styles and education have all changed.
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  • Impact & Purpose – Our CEMS Alumni have led the way inspiring people and projects with real impact.
  • Sustainability – CEMS is mindful of the ever-pressing need to lead by example for a sustainable world.
  • Inspiration – Our alliance is inspired and inspires others in who we are and what we do.
  • Responsibility – How can we all collectively be more responsible?
  • Creativity – To create new ideas, new ways of being and working levels all of us up.
  • Knowledge – The key to change is knowledge of the past, present and future.
  • Innovation – Innovation helps drive change and bring new ideas into being.
  • Diversity – The latest on how CEMS has championed all forms of diversity.
  • Leadership – Preparing the future leaders of tomorrow, now.
  • Celebration – Let’s Celebrate – join us for the Annual Events, at the London School of Economics, our Academic Partner,  in December 2023!

Do you have a CEMSational Story to share?

Then do not hesitate and drop CEMS a line at cems35th@cems.org!

35 Years of CEMS. Join Us to Celebrate.