Pre-screening (evaluation criteria)

In the week following the application deadline, all the completed applications will be pre-screened. In order to keep the process fair, it is not possible to pre-screen applicant’s documents before the application deadline to see whether he/she is eligible for the programme.

The following 5 criteria will be evaluated in the pre-screening:
  • Relevant experience from abroad
  • Work experience or any other relevant extra curriculum activities
  • Motivation to study
  • Results from Bachelor studies
  • Awards or other achievements related to study or any relevant activities
For each criterion 0 or 5 or 10 points will be awarded following this scheme:
  • Criterion met below-average (compared with the applicants in the actual year): 0 points
  • Criterion met on average (compared with the applicants in the actual year): 5 points
  • Criterion met above-average (compared with the applicants in the actual year): 10 points

Possible outcomes: accepted for the CEMS Assessment Centre or rejected.