Škoda Auto

Dynamic and innovative; 1,000,000 vehicles sold per year, production sites, almost 26,000 employees, and importers all around the world – the facts that define ŠKODA AUTO.

With more than one hundred years of automotive manufacturing, the company ŠKODA AUTO is the third oldest car factory in the world. Originally established for the small production of bicycles and motorcycles, ŠKODA AUTO has developed into a renowned and respected brand, which is prized for the timeless design, functionality, and reliability of its products. After 1991 it was gradually privatized and in 2000 Škoda became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.

With ambitious but real goals, the company invests not only in products but especially in people.

In ŠKODA AUTO you can apply your talent in various fields.

We offer interesting opportunities for students and alumni.

Find your lifetime opportunity in ŠKODA AUTO!

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Škoda Auto