Our CEMSie About His Exchange Semester at HEC Paris for FBA’s Podcast

In the latest episode of FBA’s podcast “Going abroad with FBA“, our CEMSie Tomáš Kočiš spills the beans on his semester abroad at the partner university HEC Paris. From savouring local cuisine, and managing living costs, to financing his exchange journey, Tomáš delves into the nitty-gritty of his experience. Plus, he shines a spotlight on the CEMS programme itself! Give it a proper listen!

After earning his Bachelor’s in Arts Management, Tom ventured to pursue his studies with our prestigious CEMS MIM VSE programme. And as it happens, he picked to go to the vibrant HEC Paris for his mandatory exchange. Tune in to the podcast (Czech language alert!) to hear Tomáš talk about France, with its culture, art and history. He does not forget to dive into the real deal – living expenses, finding accommodation, savouring local delicacies,  and the ins and outs of financing the exchange, for instance…

But that does not stop Tom there! He goes on to talk about the CEMS in general, offering insights valuable for any potential students interested in becoming part of the unique CEMSie community. Listen for yourself!

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Key features of the CEMS MIM program

What really tips the scales is a high level of teaching, where the program is not only constantly benchmarked by the CEMS alliance, close cooperation with selected corporate partners such as Hilti, Škoda Auto or Plzeňský Prazdroj, but also international exposure because students must complete an internship abroad and spend one semester at a selected foreign university from the CEMS alliance, which currently consists of 3# top world universities and almost 70 corporate partners. Having done their studies in English, the graduates then easily land jobs with foreign companies and, over the course of 3 years after their studies, draw average salaries in the neighbourhood of over 150,000 CZK a month.

>>> Applying to CEMS School of the Year 2022 <<<

The admission procedure for the CEMS/Master in Management Programme at VSE offers 2 intakes.
Please note that admissions for the AY 2024/25 will open in December 2023.

The 1st intake deadline is on February 28, 2024, upon which selected students have to pass the assessment centre.
The 2nd intake is subject to available spots, the deadline is on April 30, 2024.

Students have to submit the required documents before the application deadline.

Our CEMSie About His Exchange Semester at HEC Paris for FBA’s Podcast