Students’ Projects Implemented with Corporate Partners in WS 2021/22

Real-life projects are an essential part of the CEMS curriculum. Last semester, the scope of the projects touched various areas from fintech startups and their expansion abroad to the profit potential of the aquaponics industry in the Czech Republic.

Within the course International Strategy projects were implemented in cooperation with Retia, Ceslet, USSPA, APO, and two fin-tech startups: Portu co-founded by the CEMS VSE alumnus Martin Luňáček and Advanto co-founded by CEMS VSE alumnus Martin Fortelný.

Moreover, Retia, Ceslet and USSPA are corporate partners of the Centre for Family Business, an institution operating under the Faculty of Business Administration.

The final deliveries took place on December 15, 2021, with the respective corporate representatives present. The presentations were therefore always followed with feedback and questions from the company assigning the project.


Growth Strategies is a course taught within the NextGen Consulting minor specialization. In the course, students are provided with the knowledge and know-how on how to expand the company‘s activities and thus its value for its shareholders in long term. The focus is primarily on already existing companies struggling to deliver better results and seeking ways how to start up, maintain and mainly sustain their growth using either their internal capabilities within existing markets or expanding to other market segments both locally and internationally on their own or partnering with other companies.

Through the partnership with the Centre for Family Business the winter semester projects were assigned by Collegas, a company bringing together financial experts in order to guarantee its clients tailor-made solutions, and by Klokočka Autosalon, a family business providing quality services in many areas, from the sale of cars to financial services, including the rental of on-site office space.

The final deliveries took place online. Students presented their outcomes not only to their academic mentors, but also to the representatives of both companies, Tomáš Kalous and Denic Popal from Collegas, and Jan Klokočka from Klokočka Autosalon.


Consultancy-like projects in Winter Semester 2021/22
International Strategy
Advanto aims to acquire European position in On-Demand Pay – Where and how should we go?
Portu – Online Investment Platform Expansion Case
APO – Foreign Markets Entry Strategy
CLS – Expanding MRO Partnerships across Europe
Retia – Country Selection & Entry Strategy
USSPA – Expansion Strategy
Growth Strategies
Collegas – Analysis of the Czech Aquaponics Market and Its Profit Potential
Klokočka – Business Model Innovation in Car Dealership Company


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