Student Team Presented a Study on Forestry Sustainability in Žďár nad Sázavou

To educate, research and connect. These are the main goals of the Centre for Family Businesses, which were put into practice on Friday, July 3, when the main representatives of the forestry and wood processing industry met with students and teachers of the Faculty of Business Administration, the University of Economics, Prague, at the chateau in Žďár nad Sázavou.

A stepping stone for the discussion was a study drawn up by students of the NextGen Consulting minor specialization under the guidance of experienced teachers (Ladislav Tyll as a team leader) and graduates (Vojtech Oplestil). The research was ordered by Constantin Kinský, who consulted with the team throughout the whole analysis.

Students focused on sustainability from three perspectives: ecological, economic and socio-political. To propose solutions they first did a comparative analysis of states with similar forests structure (Slovakia, Austria, Germany, France) and they then identified the main challenges: calamities (eg. bark beetle), emissions production, low productivity and poor pricing policy.

All this served as a basis for an extensive discussion of a number of stakeholders from the private and public spheres, including the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.