October 28th: Independent Czechoslovak State Day /No Classes/

On October 28th, which falls on Friday, the National Day of the Czech Republic, or else known as Czechoslovak Independence Day or Foundation of the Independent Czechoslovak State Day, is a public holiday celebrated in our country. The holiday commemorates the date October 28, 1918, when Czechoslovakia was founded from territories that collapsed after WWI and were previously part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This date gave rise to Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk as the first President and leader of state, today also known as the First Republic.

PLEASE NOTE: On account of this being a state holiday, the day is enough to merit the closure of retail stores larger than 200 square meters. This also applies to you: there are NO CLASSES or OFFICE HOURS held on this day. 

? Did you know ?

  • On this day, the president of the Czech Republic, together with key members of the government place flowers on the grave of President Masaryk. In the evening, the Czech president presents honours and awards to leaders of cultural and social life in the Czech Republic.
  • Although Czechoslovakia no longer exists, Czechs continue to view October 28 as the day of their national founding.
October 28th: Independent Czechoslovak State Day /No Classes/