Elections for the CEMS Alumni Prague Board /May 14-28, 2021/

Dear CEMS Prague Alumni,

we are pleased to announce candidates for the CEMS Alumni Board in the Czech Republic. In order to appoint the team into the role officially, the CEMS Alumni Elections are running from Friday, May 14, till Friday, May 28, 2021.

Candidates for the CEMS Alumni Board team are:

  • Jan Plajner for a president,
  • Natalie Badie for a vice-president,
  • Matouš Tlapák for a treasurer.

 If you are a CEMS Prague Alumni and wish to vote, just send an email to hello@caap.cz, where you express that you vote for the full board. Add your full name as well as your email address.

At least 10 voting members are needed in order to fulfill all official steps.

More details regarding candidates and their vision can be found in the presentation prepared for you and available down below.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Elections for the CEMS Alumni Prague Board