Educational Tram on Korzo Národní /November 17, 2019/

All English speaking students are invited to “Korzo Národní” this Sunday, November 17, 2019, where, as part of the commemoration of the events of the year 1989, you may visit a lecture about Socialism in an educational tram at the tram stop “Národní divadlo”. The lecture starts at 2.15 pm.

Educational Tram

November 17th isn’t just an opportunity to celebrate — it’s also an opportunity to educate yourself. Primarily, this means asking questions. What connects 1989 and 1938? What role did the media play during those November days in 1989? How do today’s students learn about these events? The Department of Education at the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes is once again offering a variety of programs in which we’ll work with concrete historical sources in order to think about the course of those events, how they were broadcast in the media and the form in which we remember them today.

Socialism Realised: The Velvet Revolution for Foreigners (in English)
How did the communist regime collapse? What significance did Czechoslovak citizens attach to the new arrangement? In a presentation on these topics, we’ll introduce, an educational web portal which was built for international audiences looking for insights on the Czechoslovak experience with communism.

Come check out (2.15 pm) our material from the time and discuss what it tells us about the history of November 17th!