CEMS Clothes Donation

22 Oct
26 Oct

The CEMS Global Responsibility Week (October 22 – 28) is around the corner! And there will be a plenty of opportunities for you to prove how much you care about the society around you!

The GRW Initiative will be holding a clothes donation! To make sure that clothes will be taken care of in the right way, CEMS Club partnered up with The Salvation Army (Armáda spásy – FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/259992101324069/).


For the entire week, there will be a stand in Italská Budova (IB), with a CEMS flag and a big box where it will be possible to donate the clothes at all times. You just bring your clothes in a bag, drop it into the box and that’s it! As easy as that!


Any clothes you decide to donate will be appreciated! The only two conditions are that the clothes are clean and still usable! Therefore, if you decide to donate your summer shorts, sportswear or a just scarf that no longer matches the rest of your wardrobe, you’re more than welcome to do so! However, winter is coming!! So whatever warm winter garments that you don’t really use anymore will serve someone greatly during the upcoming cold winter months. If you’ve arrived here with just the clothes you need, but still want to help out – any contribution of new clothes, scarves or warm attributes, will be very welcome!

The Salvation Army will then make sure that the clothes go to a place where it’s needed the most. They usually work with local night shelters, transitional-living centres for young mothers or whole families with little kids and many others.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask your relatives!

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