CEMS Analysis Helps Throw Light Under the Hood of Trends in Car Market Development

Can the Chinese beat Europeans by electric miles in the next 6 years? What is the future of European car companies? A recent study from the hands of CEMS throws insightful light on some trends regarding the strengthening position of Chinese manufacturers in the car market sector.

Recent years have seen China’s influence growing dramatically in the European car market. The strong foothold behind this growing position in Europe comes from a huge market, political support, mineral resources, and battery production.

China has entered the top three largest producers of electric vehicles imported into the EU in 2021, and its position is growing dramatically,” says Natalie Badie, Assistant Professor, Strategy consultant and CEMS Alumna from FBA.

But it is not only the Chinese brands per se. The trend includes some European or Western brands manufactured in China and then exported – Tesla or Volvo, for instance. Elon Musk’s car company is now one of the best-selling electric vehicles on the European market – and according to the CEMS study, while Chinese brands are expected to emerge on a significant level and beat the Europeans by electric miles in the next six to seven years, Tesla could become a major competition for European cars in the next three.

For a more detailed read on the predictions about the market development, do not hesitate and go to the article “Made in China under the hood” on Seznam Zprávy (please note it is in Czech) to be found HERE.