Amplifon Records Graduate Program: Be the Headliner of your Professional Future

We are happy to announce that Amplifon Records Graduate Program has been launched and you have an opportunity to apply today!

Amplifon Records Graduate Program is Amplifon’s 18-month international talent program, during which participants will gain skills and knowledge to navigate the company and to excel in one specific business function, launching their path to success at Amplifon.

What is the program like?

  • You will deep dive into one business unit but will learn how three different teams function
  • You will have 6 months at corporate in our HQ in Milan and then spend 12 months on the assignment abroad in one of the 25 countries we work in immersing yourself into the local market
  • You will ideate a CSR project with our Global CSR team and implement it during your assignment abroad
  • You will receive mentorship and guidance from Amplifon’s Leadership Team
  • You will collaborate with international colleagues across the world

Who can apply? We are looking for participants to have the following characteristics:

  • Top Academic Performance (top 5%)
  • International Experience of at least 6 months
  • Working experience of max 1 year and a minimum of 6 months
  • Willingness to relocate and have a global career during and beyond the program
  • Extracurricular experiences (volunteering, students organization, sport) is a plus

Click HERE to discover more about Amplifon Records Graduate Program and apply today- the Program will start in September 2022