Amplifon Records Graduate Program 2023 Launches 3rd Wave. Be the Headliner of Your Professional Future!

We are happy to announce that Amplifon has launched the third wave of their Graduate Program Edition, designed for young talents looking for an ambitious international challenge and cross-functional projects! Start your 18-month journey in one of their business units, such as Marketing, Retail Excellence, HR, Finance, IT, Supply Chain, take ownership of your own development, create your own tailor-made career path and become the headliner of your professional future!


Amplifon Records Graduate Program is Amplifon’s 18-month international talent program, a career accelerator program with international rotation providing a permanent contract from day 1, during which participants will gain skills and knowledge to navigate the company and excel in one specific business function, launching their path to success at Amplifon. Your path starts at Milan global HQ and will lead you to one of our 26 countries to learn more about the local market and culture. But your impact does not end here. You get to design and bring to life a Corporate Social Responsibility project to empower people to rediscover all the emotions of sound.


  • 1st month – Induction @Milan, HQ: during the first month, their Talents will be involved in ad-hoc trainings to make sure they have all the support, tools and opportunities they need to grow and succeed. They will learn more about the fast-growing global market we operate in and the meaningful values that nurture their company.
  • 6 months – Two Assignments @Milan, HQ: in the following six months, the Graduates will have the chance to explore their department of interest, approaching two different teams and challenging themselves with a CSR project design within the company or the Foundation.
  • 11 months – International Assignment: now that their Graduates know the heart of their company, they are ready to spread Amplifon values around the world. They will land in one of the 25 countries Amplifon operates in, depending on each person’s career path and area of development.
  • Graduation: after 18th month, the Talents will be ready to graduate and contribute to the company’s growth by making a difference.

They will guide you during the whole journey, encouraging you to discuss your development path every step of the way.


Young pioneers with an open mindset, dynamic approach and aspiration to be at the forefront of innovation. Moreover, the talents they are looking for share their values and want to change thousands of lives around the world by making more possible every day with their personal contribution.

Sounds like the place for you?

To apply, you must:

  • Hold a master’s degree (got within 1 year) / are going to graduate (within 6 months) with excellent grades
  • Have previous working experience longer than 5 months
  • Have international experience longer than 5 months
  • Be proficient in English

Nice to have:

  • Be proficient in one other foreign language
  • Active membership with role of responsibility in Students’ Associations / Communities


  • Permanent contract since day 1
  • Exposure to Leadership Team in Company’s HQ
  • Opportunity to work for a purposeful company in a fast-growing market
  • Co-participation in designing the company’s global strategy
  • Ad-hoc development path & learning experiences
  • International network & work experience
  • Leave the footprint in a Sustainability project design within the company or the Amplifon Foundation.

Are you ready to amplify your future? Go to the link or the button below to Apply now!


  • Applications are now open and the selection process will close in June 2023
  • The selection is open to all applicants from around the world.
  • The program will officially start in September 2023.


>>> Change lives and give back emotions <<<

Global leader in the hearing care retail industry; with a presence in 25 countries and 5 continents, Amplifon is transforming the way hearing healthcare is perceived, offering people a distinctive customer experience and superior care and expertise. Since 1950, they have been changing the lives of millions of customers all around the world. And though they are a global company that’s constantly growing, they have a start-up approach and strive for innovation, excellence and forward-thinking by encouraging our people to be themselves, to inspire each other and to share ideas. They take pride in setting the standard for their industry and constantly challenge and improve the customer and employee experience.

Amplifon Records Graduate Program 2023 Launches 3rd Wave. Be the Headliner of Your Professional Future!