100 Years of the Czech Republic

28 Oct

This Sunday on October 28, 2018, the citizens of the Czech and Slovak Republics will celebrate a jubilee anniversary as this day marks 100 years since establishing their common independent state – the Czechoslovak Republic.

It all started in 1918 with a desire to build a sovereign state in the very heart of Europe. The hundred years that followed were full of stories, some of them sad, some of them joyful. If you wish to learn more about the common history of Czechs and Slovaks you may visit a page dedicated to this important anniversary at https://czechandslovakcentury.com/.

There are also various events organized in order to commemorate our shared history and celebrate the jubilee. For exhaustive list go to https://czechandslovakcentury.com/en/catalogue-events.

Come celebrate with us!


100 Years of the Czech Republic