For Alumni

Founded in 1993, the CEMS Alumni Association (or “CAA”) is a strong social network but also an increasingly valuable professional platform. It enables CEMS graduates to continue to enjoy the international and multicultural experience that they will have experienced as CEMS students. It also organises various professional events in the form of panel discussions, workshops, conferences and seminars in which to share ideas and knowledge. Membership of the CAA and attendance of alumni-run events enable CEMS alumni to broaden their professional knowledge but also their professional network. The President is Mrs. Wieteke Dupain (wieteke.dupain[at]

The President of CEMS Alumni Association Prague is alumna Pavlína Šimurdová, Vice-President is Vojtěch Opleštil and a Treasurer is Jan Horáček. In case of interest contact Pavlína Šimurdová at cemsalumni[at] You can also join the Facebook group Official CEMS Group Czech Republic to be informed about the upcoming events. Among CEMS Alumni Association Prague’s activities are mentoring, networking and fun events, sports events, professional events such as „Meet the…” where successful alumni present their experience mainly to students. Alumni are also welcome as guest speakers in CEMS courses or Bachelor’s courses (btw. CEMS promotion among prospective applicants). Information from past years is available here.

By the end of the academic year 2015/2016, the CEMS programme at VŠE has 462 alumni (globally 10 751 alumni).

Every two years, CEMS office at VŠE organizes CEMS Alumni Soireé – have a look at the photos of 2017.