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1.9.2017 - 31.8.2018 - Schedule - Winter Term 2017/2018

21.2.2018 15:00 - 18.5.2018 17:00 - Business Project - Terms for 2017/2018

19.4.2018 16:00 - 20 Years of CEMS at VŠE

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List of Courses

Summer Term 2017/2018 - February 12, 2018 - August 31, 2018

2SM412 Africa in International Relations
2SM411 Asia in International Relations
3SG409 Block Seminar
3IG703 Business Project
3MG633 B2B Marketing
2MO424 Corporate Governance
3SG456 Corporate Sustainability
2AJ153 Intensive Czech for Foreigners
3SG556 Design Thinking and anthropology in strategy
3LG627 Transport
3PS673 Global Management Practice Course
2SE611 Economic Integration of Central Europe to the EU
2SM630 The EU as an actor in international relations
2SE429 European Sustainable Development Policy
1BP426 Financial Derivatives I
1BP451 Financial Derivatives II
2MO444 China's Financial System
1VF461 Fiscal Policy
3LG623 Global Supply Chain Management
3IG705 Responsible Global Leadership
3PE665 Valuation and Financing of Investment Projects
3PE666 Evaluation of Investment Projects in Non-Profit Sector
4SA615 Information Management
4IT525 Information Modelling of Organizations
3PS624 Cross Cultural Communication and Management
3LG622 International Logistics
2SM431 Language and Diplomacy
1BP452 Credit Risk Management and Modeling
3SG417 Critical Thinking in Business Futurology
2PL614 Lobbying in Modern Democracy
2OP463 Retail War: negotiation simulation
3AM595 Management and marketing of cultural tourism
IP_362 Information Risk Management
IP_349 Communication Management in the Public Sector
IP_342 Consumer Experience Management
3MA624 Knowledge Management
3MA712 Management 2
3PS663 Psychology of Management
3MA714 Managerial Decision-Making and Problem Solving
2MO440 Luxury Marketing
2MO422 International Financial Markets
1BP425 International Financial Markets
2MO428 International mergers and acquisitions
2MO434 International Brand Communication Strategy
3MA671 International Management in Global Culture
2MO448 International Marketing CEMS
2MO403 International marketing communications
3SG415 International Strategy
3AM601 International Art Market
3AM492 Multicultural Europe
3LG626 Purchasing
3LG625 Maritime and Multimodal Transporation
3PS670 New Trends in Leadership and Management
1FP421 Business Valuation
3MA666 Organizational Design
4ME218 Computer Graphics
3PO666 Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing
3MA640 Business Ethics
3SG416 Corporate Finance
IP_358 Business Strategies
4ST650 Advanced Statistical Methods
2OP453 Practical Aspects of International Taxation in Relationship to International Trade
4ST625 Probabilistic and statistical methods in non-life insurance
2PR415 Real Estate Finance and Law
2SM441 Economic Diplomacy Practice: Multilateral Economic Negotiations
3MA533 Project Management Simulation
3MA621 Project Management
4ST616 Regression
3PA661 People Management in Multicultural Environment
4IT528 Management of Enterprise IT
3IG666 Management and Business Communication Skills Seminar
3MG640 Shopper Marketing
3PS625 Sociology of Virtual Organization
2SE431 Competing in Global Markets
3MG639 Strategic Marketing in Simulations
4EK602 Games and Decisions
4ST630 Probability and Mathematical Statistics 2
2SM606 Foreign Policy Making and Analysis
1FU491 Financial reporting under IFRS and US GAAP - Comparsion and Case Studies
5IE471 Introduction to Economic Analysis of Contract and Corporate Law
4ST608 Introduction to Financial and Insurance Mathematics
3MA669 Organisation Life Cycle Impact on Company's Management
4MM451 Computational Methods and Data Analysis
4SA220 Web 2.0 & Social Network Services
1VF462 Taxation of International Employment