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1.9.2015 - 31.8.2017 - Schedule - Winter Term 2017/2018 + Summer Term 2016/2017

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Tuition Fees

Application fee

Along with the application candidates have to pay 50 EUR or 1 350 CZK as an administration fee.

From February 2017 it is possible to pay the application via on-line payment system.

The amount payable to the bank account is indicated in InSIS database system after completion of the e-application. Instructions are also sent via automatically generated e-mail.

IMPORTANT: InSIS can deal only with amount stated in CZK and that is why the payment information in the e-mail seems to ask applicants to pay the application fee directly in CZK. The amount stated is equal to 50 EUR.

We ask applicants to pay 50 EUR via bank foreign transfer/payment (or EUR cross-border payment for EU citizens) with SHA bank charges (= shared, both sender and recipient cover costs of their banks). It is also possible to reimburse the fee with OUR bank charges (= all the costs are covered by sender). While transfer with BEN bank charges (= beneficiary, all the costs are covered by recipient) the payment will not be accepted due to insufficient amount sent to the account.

Please do not forget to state variable symbol and your name in the Payment purpose OR Message to Beneficiary  field.

We also inform applicants that we DO NOT accept payments sent via international money transfer companies, e.g. Western Union.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee of International Management Programme amounts to 1 800 EUR or 49 000 CZK per academic year for EU and non-EU citizens.


More information about scholarships and details about the tuition fee payment is available here: For students - Tuition fees and Scholarships. As public university we do not provide any special scholarships for non-EU students.