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1.9.2017 - 31.8.2018 - Schedule - Winter Term 2018/2019

3.9.2018 - 7.9.2018 - Block Seminar 2018/2019

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2011/12 Study Plan


At the beginning of the Master’s programme students receive a total of 144 European credit vouchers (24 in reserve). The CEMS MIM programme conditions stipulate that the first year of study cannot be interrupted. For completion of International Management Programme, students have to obtain a total of 120 EC (European credits) in the following structure:

  • seven compulsory subjects (hP group) of 49 ECs,
  • elective subjects (hV group) of 27 ECs,
  • second foreign language exam (hP group) of 5 ECs,
  • accomplishing the business project (hP group) of 16 ECs,
  • 5 ECs for passing the state exam in Microeconomics,
  • 3 ECs for the state exam of the minor,
  • 5 ECs for passing the state exam of the field of study,
  • 10 ECs for developing and defending the diploma thesis.


From the foregoing it is evident that the student needs 23 ECs from the assigned 144 credit vouchers at the end of study (for the final examinations and the defense of the diploma thesis).

The block seminar, skill seminars and the internship are not included into the curriculum, however they represent the necessary condition for obtaining the CEMS MIM degree.

The Block seminar takes place before the first semester of study, skill seminars are carried out continuously during the academic year. Internships can be completed before the start of the study, after graduation or possibly during the study. We recommend to complete the internship in the last semester (within the course 3IG710 Internship Abroad). Students can obtain scholarship for this internship from Erasmus programme.