International Exposure

A study stay abroad and an internship abroad are indispensable parts of the International Management Programme.



Each semester about 15 exchange students from CEMS partner universities complement the class of our students. There are in average 63% of international students in one class coming from 14 countries.



Students spend one semester abroad, either during the winter or summer term within their 1st year of study, at a CEMS partner university. They are integrated in a very international group of students, and are exposed both inside and outside the classroom to cross-cultural learning experiences. CEMS-accredited courses and exams taken at the CEMS partner universities will be fully acknowledged in the student’s curriculum.



Internships provide students with the real-life professional learning experience of integrating into an organisation’s culture and processes. The main objective is to turn academic experience and theoretical knowledge into a professional, multi-cultural experience. The minimum length is 8 weeks.