Administrative Requirements

On-line Registration to InSIS

(Integrated Study Information System)

Acceptance Package

EU Citizens:

The Acceptance package is sent to the home University after the Online Application has been completed, including uploading the photo! The package contains Letter of Acceptance.

Non-EU Citizens:

The Acceptance package is sent to the home University during October (for the Spring Semester) or May (for the Fall Semester). The package contains the following documents:
  1. Letter of Acceptance
  2. Jednotné potvrzení o studiu (in Czech)” – document confirming your study in the Czech Republic (“Confirmation of Study”)
  3. Doklad o zajištění ubytování (in Czech) ” – document confirming your accomodation in the Czech Republic (“Proof of an Accommodation”)

The Letter of Acceptance is in both – Czech and English. The both documents “Jednotné potvrzení o studiu” and “Doklad o zajištění ubytování” are in Czech ONLY. These documents are required by the Embassies in this language version.

How to Fill in the Learning Agreement (LA)

Name of the Receiving Institution: University of Economics, Prague
Address: Winston Churchill Sq.4, 130 67, Prague 3
Country: Czech Republic (CZ)
Erasmus code: CZPRAHA09
Responsible person in the Receiving Institution: Klára Vítečková
Position of the responsible person: CEMS Programme Manager
Telephone: +420 224 098 525 

What does the End of Semester Procedure require?

The Confirmation of Study period

 The Confirmation of Study Period form is different for every single university. First of all, ask your home University if there is a specific form for you.If so, bring it to the CEMS office within the Visiting Hours. If not, we have a general form (download here) that we can confirm.  Do not forget to fill in following information:

  • Enter your name as well as the name of your home University
  • Name of (hosting) University: University of Economics, Prague
  • Your first day at our University is the first day of the Orientation Week (see the actual Academic calendar on this website) or the first day of our Block Seminar unless you arrived later.
  • Your last day at VSE is the last day of your exam, i.e. when you were physically present at the University – having an oral exam or writing a test.
The Transcript of records will be issued when all your grades from all the courses are uploaded in InSIS. After that, we have it printed and signed and we send it to your home university via post.
Please, take a close look at the Accommodation Agreement (see the related webpage) and follow the rules related to the notice period. In general, do not forget to pay all the debts and return the keys. If all your debts are not paid, the Transcript of Records cannot be issued.