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Block Seminar 2013 – Summary

The academic year 2013/2014 for new CEMS class at the University of Economics, Prague has been kicked-off by the block seminar which took place on September 9-13, 2012.

Based on the very successfull concept from last year block seminar has been organised once more in cooperation with our corporate partner ŠKODA AUTO on an attractive topic: Marketing in the automotive industry.

The academic part has been again supervised by Petr Král, PhD. from Department of International Business at the University of Economics, Prague, CEMS teacher of International Marketing course. The diverse team of CEMS teachers from Faculty Group Marketing – Barbara Stöttinger from WU Wien and Malgorzata Lewandowska from SGH Warsaw have contributed to the academic programme of the block seminar.

The group of 31 CEMS students coming from 13 different CEMS schools built very diverse group with members of 17 nationalities.

The overall impression of this year block seminar can be illustrated by the statement of  Tsz Wan Li from Hong Kongu and Isabelle Toscani from Austria, the Rookie students of International Management/CEMS programme at VSE and members of the winning team:

„The block seminar with VSE and Skoda Auto has been an amazing experience to all of us, intensive but lots of fun and most important we have learned a lot! Skoda provided the 31 participants with two challenging projects. The students were very international with participants coming from India, Hong Kong and all over Europe. Groups of 4-5 people were built on Tuesday and on Friday morning the presentations were due. What an intense and interesting week! From learning theory to Skoda’s marketing practice, then working on our projects, it really feels like we are part of the Skoda marketing team. It turns out every of us did a good job to be a potential one; the outcome was impressive and creative presentations from all teams especially considering the limited timeframe. Thanks CEMS, professors and Skoda Auto for giving us a great experience!“