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Admission Procedure

The admission procedure consists of three rounds. 80 applicants with the highest score from the first round are invited to the second round - Assessment Centre. In the third round, maximum 55 selected applicants confirm completion of their bachelor studies. If applicants do not finish their Bachelor studies, they cannot be accepted.

First round (December - February)

To the first round applicants submit required documents. The documents will be then scrutinized by a selection committee and the following 5 criteria will be evaluated:

  • Relevant experience from abroad
  • Work experience or any other relevant extra curriculum activities
  • Motivation to study
  • Results from Bachelor studies
  • Awards or other achievements related to study or any relevant activities

For each criterion 0 or 5 or 10 points will be awarded following this scheme:

  • Criterion met below-average (compared with the applicants in the actual year): 0 points
  • Criterion met on average (compared with the applicants in the actual year): 5 points
  • Criterion met above-average (compared with the applicants in the actual year): 10 points

In case of successful passing of the first round, candidates will get an e-mail invitation to the Assessment Centre. They can choose particular day according to their preferences. We advise applicants living outside the Czech Republic to pre-plan a trip to Prague even before they get the invitation.

Students always spend their first (Fall) or second (Spring) semester abroad and cannot interrupt their studies during their first year of studies.

Second round (End of March)

During the second round, applicant's abilities to work as a manager in an international company are assessed. Assessment is based on the Assessment Centre in English and an interview with the Academic Director. Therefore personal participation is a must (with no exceptions!).

During the Assessment Centre candidates should expect individual and team presentations and personality questionnaires. Assessors' attention is focused on: inner motivation, risk-taking and stress tolerance, responsibility, flexibility, self-confidence, assertiveness and communication skills.

Maximum 55 students can be accepted.

Together with the results of the second round, successful candidates will get informed about term abroad results - i.e. selected university and term. Schools are assigned gradually. The applicant with the highest number of points will get a place at the university he/she stated at the first place of choice. Then the process is analogous.

Third round (Late June/Early July)

The principal criterion for the third round consists of the orderly finished Bachelor's studies by the end of July (exceptionally by the end of August). Students who will not have finished their Bachelor's studies cannot be accepted.