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Graduation Ceremony

The CEMS MIM programme finishes with a special graduation ceremony at the CEMS Annual Events. The Annual Events are the highlight of the CEMS year. They represent an exceptional opportunity to bring together the entire community for discussions, decision-making, networking and the graduation of CEMS MIM students. The Annual Events are organised on a rotating basis by member schools.

Upcoming CEMS Annual Events:

  • 2018 – Malta
  • 2019 - WU Vienna


Place: St. Petersburg, Russia (under the auspices of Graduate School of Management)

Date: November 28th, 2015

VSE students' attendance: 23 of 39 who finished CEMS programme

Video can be watched here (VSE students can be watched in time 1:58:25 – 2:00:55) a photo gallery can be seen here.

Detailed information including the programme is here.


Place: Brussels, Belgium (under the auspices of Louvain School of Management)

Date: November 29th, 2014

VSE students' attendance: 40 of 47 who finished CEMS programme

Photogallery can be found here. Detailed information including the programme is here.


Place: Barcelona, Spain (under the auspices of ESADE)

Date: November 20th, 2013

VSE students' attendance: 28 of 39 who finished CEMS programme

More than 1 000 graduates from 28 countries successfully finished the programme and at the Ceremony graduated 694 of them.

All photos from the Graduation Ceremony are available here.


The International Management programme Graduation Ceremony takes place in the premises of the University of Economics, Prague.