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Succes of IM/CEMS students in the national round of KPMG International Case Competition


Two teams consisting of Prague’s International Management/CEMS students advanced to this year’s Czech national finals of the KPMG International Case Competition. One of them even took the winning place and will be representing our country in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo during the competition’s international finals.

This year’s pre-selection round was entered by 32 teams originated in a diverse spectrum of Czech universities. The twelve best teams qualified for the 1st round. There the contestants competed in time-bounded case study solving - each team had exactly 3 hours to prepare and the additional maximum of 20 minutes to present their solution to the jury. The environment simulated the work of management consultants and their clients with focus on business strategy. The jury consisted of the KPMG Czech Republic management with partner Pavel Závitkovský, in the lead.

Three teams advanced to the national finals, where they proceeded to solve an additional case study under the same circumstances and then presented it in front of the big jury and other teams. The result was very close in the end, also thanks to an above-average level of quality of all the presenting teams.

The title of victors was received by a team of first-year students of the Master of International Management / CEMS programme of the University of Economics, Prague: Johana Adámková, Jan Rajchert, Jakub Ratislav and Diana Stašková that competed under the label “SHARP consulting”.

Another team originated in CEMS programme that consisted of Eva Brichová, Karel Kotoun, Vojtěch Šimek and Michal Voskár achieved to be selected for the finals as well.

The winners are currently preparing for their chance to represent the Czech republic on the international finals in Brazil. There they will have to face the teams from 23 other participating countries.