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1.9.2017 - 31.8.2018 - Schedule - Winter Term 2017/2018

20.10.2017 08:00 - 22.10.2017 16:00 - CEMS Prague - Moscow: Education and Career

21.10.2017 09:30 - 22.10.2017 16:00 - CEMS Prague - Beijing: China Education Expo 2017

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CEMS Club Prague Is the Best Club in the CEMS Alliance

Congratulations to the CEMS Club Prague for its incredible award! CEMS Club Prague is the best club out of 30 schools within the CEMS Alliance. Also congratulations to St. Gallen and Rotterdam for their 2nd and 3rd position. The best club is voted by students and CEMS Student Board subsequently chooses the 3 best clubs.
CEMS Clubs are student organizations at each CEMS school, their task is to support networking amongst CEMS students, connect students and corporate partners, raise awareness, support the CEMS programme on the local level and engage students in real-world projects. Every club has an elected President, in Prague the current Presidents is Petr Báša.